Play Keno with Multi Cards

Keno Games – Why Play with Multi Cards

Keno is one of the most interesting and enjoyable parlour games inside web casinos – bringing the same level of video keno quality as you can find in Las Vegas casinos and bars. However, while winning at keno is ultimately down to good fortune and lucky tickets – there are many diverse style of playing the game. One of the coolest and most enjoyable strategies is to play with multiple cards – employing a number of tips to boost your keno spot picking. Check it out and play keno like a Vegas local.

Why play with multi cards

Keno isn’t like most lotto games, because it can be played with different approaches. For example, while you must pick keno numbers (known as spots) from 1-80, you can play with spot numbers ranging from 3 to 10 spots (some keno games even offer ticket sizes from 1-20 spots!). In effect, the game can be played safe or you can go for golden jackpots by seeking full house keno tickets. Playing with more than one ticket boosts your chances of winning in any lottery – but in keno it can be even better, offering more frantic entertainment and multiple chances to win with different styles of keno gaming.

Multi cards = multi-styles

So – keno gives you the opportunity to play in a number of different ways – but what strategies should you employ to try and ‘corner the game’?

The first thing to consider is playing with a number of different spot numbers; for example, you could play with low (3), mid (5) and high (10) spot tickets, offering you a spread of chance and payout power. With a little luck, you could at worse win with the low or mid cards, breaking your round even while you search for one lucky 10 spot!

The second cool way of using multi-tickets is to think about the numbers used on your tickets. There’s no right or wrong way to do this, and most keno gamers experiment with different gaming approaches. For example, you could play with similar numbers on some of your tickets, or use completely different ones. Check out an example of playing with a ‘like number base’ on 3, 5 and 10 spot tickets.

3 spot: 10, 11, 18

5 spot: 10, 11, 18, 45, 67,

10 spot: 10, 11, 18, 45, 67, 68, 9, 1, 80, 77

The power of such an approach is that if you win on one ticket – you also have a high chance of winning with the others. Of course – you could flip the concept and spread your chances of winning on a single ticket. With time – you’re sure to find numerous ways of making multi-ticket keno bets, so monitor your results and find the winners!

Hot numbers

Lucky numbers are always a red hot area of debate in keno, but they could potentially be used on single tickets or multi-ticket rounds. Some gamers and mathematicians claim that if a keno numbers displays a winning trend (frequently winning during a keno cycle) – it may actually make a better choice than ‘cold’ spots. Is this really true? Well, it’s debatable, but there is no denying some numbers get lucky from time to time.