Online Keno Spot Numbers

Online Keno Spot Numbers Revealed

Another advantage of playing keno in preference to other similar lotto games such as bingo is the big range of betting options. Primarily, keno tickets can be played with anything from 3-10 numbers (known as ‘spots’) – meaning you can play it safe and go for small payouts, or try and match big combo thousands.

3 Spot keno ticket: 3, 10, 21

5 Spot keno ticket: 33, 12, 3, 16, 29

10 Spot keno ticket: 11, 12, 44, 56, 80, 70, 55, 45, 40, 32

The question is – is it advantageous to play low spot keno tickets or aim high? Well, in truth there is no real answer, with each option having specific advantages:

Low spot advantages

The lower spot number you play keno with, the lower the minimum number of lotto numbers you need to win. For example, a 3 spot keno ticket would often reward you for matching a single number. In contrast, with a higher spot card such as a 6 spot ticket, you would need more than 1 number to get a payout. Naturally, the maximum payout levels for low spot keno cards are much lower than big tickets; but it’s likely you’ll be able to win more frequently.

High spot benefits

The keno ‘trade-off’ for playing with a high spot number, is the chance to win big – and we’re talking seriously big in some cases! For instance, let’s say you manage to hit a dream 10 spot full house keno ticket – you’d be looking at a jackpot levels such as 10,000.00 coins (10,000 x your keno coin size):

10,000 x 0.10 = 1000.00

10,000 x 1.00 = 10,000.00

10,000 x 10.00 = 100,000.00

Whether you play with low, mid or high keno spot numbers will ultimately be down to personal preference – do you want to enjoy the regular chance to win small amounts of cash and feel the keno thrill, or would you rather take more of a risk for the chance to land a big one? Whichever option you pick; you can always change on the next keno round – what’s more you’ll always be able to smile with random winning numbers.

Many keno gamers adopt a multi-ticket keno strategy – allowing you to play a range of low and high spot tickets, during the same keno round. Obviously, this offers you more intrinsic excitement and chances to win both small and big payouts.