Online Keno Jackpots

Online Keno Jackpots Revealed

Keno is the classic game of Yin and Yang – and rumour has it the keno master gamers always apply Eastern philosophy when picking their lucky numbers! However, for the rest of us – check out how the game has Vegas style glamour, cool gaming options and payouts, and can be played with a wide variety of styles.

Keno – instant lotto gaming

Keno is the globe’s coolest lotto game (or at least, millions think it is); it’s played with the numbers 1-80, but you can shoot for higher probability wins with 3 number tickets, all the way to 10 spot jackpot tickets. The magic of keno is the chance to pick your own numbers – meaning you can even play with some strategy if you wish (although it’s still essentially all about luck!).
Low level keno payouts Keno gamers can start winning with as few as 1 number, when playing with a low spotted ticket (for example, 3 number keno card). However, it goes without saying that the easier it is to win, the lower the payouts. What’s more, the other big factor that affects your keno rewards is your coin number – for example is you won a 1000-coin keno prize, you’d receive 1000.00 with a 1.00 ticket value, but a huge 100,000.00 if you played high value keno with 10.00 per ticket.

Keno jackpot size

The biggest and best progressive jackpot keno games can literally make the luckiest of gamers seriously rich. For example, surf around the Internet and you’re sure to find starting jackpot pools of $100,000.00 or more – and they often rocket to many times the starting payout level! Of course, you do need to match 10 numbers to hit the big time – and the odds of that are usually in the zone of around 8,000,000-1! That sounds crazy but remember that with millions of global keno gamers, there are a vast number of tickets being played on every day, so winner constantly pop-up (there’s just the small chance it could be you!).

Choosing your keno style

There are no real rules that can be applied to turn keno into a sure-fire winning game – but there are many different strategies commonly applied by keno gamers (so mad and some more logical). Take a look and take the with you to temp Lady Luck.

  • Pick an even number of top and bottom keno numbers (apparently it’s Yin and Yang!)
  • Look for high frequency winning keno spots and base your tickets on them
  • Play multiple cards with different spot numbers
  • Consult your star sign for clues to lucky days

In addition to applying the fun strategies for keno gaming, it’s also important to balance your pleasure with sensible gaming; set yourself a sensible leisure bankroll and budget, and choose a level stakes ticket value that permits hours of fun and hundreds of tickets and chances to win.