Cool Online Keno Game

Online Keno is Cool

In fact, down the years – Keno has become the most famous lotto game in the history of Las Vegas, with thousands of famous faces jetting in to play, plus endless progressive jackpot winners going to payout heaven. Thanks to the internet, the video keno games of Vegas legend, have made their way into cyberspace, delivering the same verve, jackpots and unique gaming features as found in the Neon City itself!

One of the major attractions of video keno, is the game possesses some unique features – making it distinctly different from most other lotto games. In fact, these small keno exclusives create a much more powerful and entertaining gaming environment:

  • Never rely on a computer to pick you lotto numbers – pick everyone yourself!
  • Select different combos, from 3-10 digits from 0-180
  • Opt for cool sub-wagers with the main numbers selected

As you can see, the frustration of having to game with numbers you don’t like, un-lucky numbers and missing out on your special numbers – is totally removed by keno’s unique charms!

Keno tips for success

Even though online keno requires a huge slice of luck to become a jackpot sensation – the exclusive player selection rule, means that there’s some scope for making some strategic number selections! Check out how it’s done.

  • Surf to the live statistics section of the video keno screen
  • Locate the balls that have won frequently during the current cycle
  • Eliminate the balls that have zero/low strike rate
  • Bet on the hot numbers – they are thought to have a statistically enhanced chance of winning again, compared to the low strike selections!

Because keno is a game of luck, whatever strategy you choose to play with, it’s essential to remember that you’ll still experience good and bad luck – so always play fundamentally for entertainment, with pure leisure money! That way, keno will always give you the ultimate Vegas style gaming buzz and hours of chilled out entertainment!

Online Keno Instructions

To bet, go to the bottom of the machine where you will find three buttons: To place your bet for one game, select PLAY ONE; to place your bet for the respective number of consecutive games using the same numbers, choose PLAY THREE or PLAY FIVE. Once you hit one of these buttons, the ball blower will start and 20 numbers will be drawn at random.

You can also control the speed of the game with a Game Speed Indicator. To use the indicator, go to the right hand side of the game board and find GAME SPEED. With the help of the slider bar, set the game speed of your choice before or during play. If you set the speed at the maximum, the ball animation movement will be turned off in favor of speed.

For payouts, go to the Payout chart which you will find on the left of the number board. It’s quite normal for payouts to change, depending on the marking between two and 10 numbers. If the numbered ball lands on a spot of your choice, you get a hit Notch up as many hits as you can so that it reflects into a healthy Payout chart for you. The moment you make a hit; it will flash on the board as a shining yellow ball.